first sign of symptom of covid

First sign of symptom of  Covid First sign of symptom of  Covid
Natural Remedy for Coronavirus

(For Drinking)
(1) Take cloves of garlic stripped and crushed each clove and put them into a pan.
(2) Take some garlic amount shown in picture, scrapped skin off garlic do not peel, then wash and cut up into peices then add this to the garlic in the pan, size of pan depends on number of people taking this remedy, you may need to increase the ingredients.
(3) Take 1 lemon wash then cut in half, squeeze half of lemon into the saucepan with the Garlic and Ginger, then cut up all the lemon including the half that was squeezed and then put the cut up lemon into the pan with the garlic and ginger,
Add about 4 cups of cold water then after coming to the boil leave to simmer for
about 20 minutes.
After boil pour the content including the peices into cups, then add honey to taste
drink as hot as possible as the virus don't like heat.

(For Steaming)
Before preparing the ingredients for steaming. Fill your kettle up and switch on this should come to the boil before or just after preparing the ingredients, if before just turn on again until boil.
(1) Take 6 cloves of garlic stripped and crushed then put into a container a plastic bucket is recommended or any container that is suitable for steaming.
(2) Take 1 Onion stripped and then slice up into rings and then add this with the Garlic in your container.
(3) pour boiling hot water into your container and cover container with towel.
when ready to go add about 1 teaspoonfull of Vick. Place towel or whatever covering you have at hand over your head and container making sure that the container and your head is covered and no steam escaping.
Take deep breath through your nose and out through your mouth until the steam stops.

Stay blessed and stay safe.